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Rainbow Ice Cream Explosion® Cake

Rainbow Ice Cream Explosion® Cake

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We love ice cream and we love cake... we're betting you love them too! Try our super cool Rainbow Ice Cream Explosion® Cake and double down on the deliciousness.

  • 4 Layers of Rainbow Vanilla Cake
  • Our Signature Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Vanilla & Sprinkles Ice Cream
  • Decorated with Gel Sprinkles

Cake Sizes:
Mini - Serves 2-3  *Covered in rainbow gel sprinkles
Fun Size - Serves 5-7  *Covered in yellow gel sprinkles

Shipping Information

We recommend ordering your cake to arrive at least two days before it is needed. For example, if you have a celebration on the 20th, choose the 18th as the delivery date (or earlier!).

- 1 Cake

CAUTION - Open with care. Ships frozen with ice packs and dry ice.

Enjoy straight out of the freezer!

Freeze after receiving.
Can be stored in freezer for 30 days.

See our FAQ for further details

See All Allergens Milk, Cream, Butter, Sugar, Eggs, Vanilla, Flour, Baking Powder, Salt, Food Coloring, Gel Sprinkles, Cream Cheese, Powdered Sugar. See All Ingredients
TO STORE Cake ships frozen with dry ice. Dry ice may dissipate in transit. Do not remove dry ice with bare hands. Store cake in the freezer for up to 6 months. TO SERVE STEP 1: Thaw at room temperature for 15 minutes STEP 2: Slice and enjoy! See All Instructions
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Make it a party!

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Cake Balls
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Our treats are...
Feature Premium Ingredients

We only use real ingredients (think cream cheese, butter, eggs, and sugar) none of that can't-pronounce stuff

Made Fresh

We make our cakes and treats to order, so that you receive a delicious product every time


We don't use fondant on any of our products, because we make taste a priority. But that doesn't stop us from creating incredible designs and creations.

Preservative Free

Our products do not contain any preservatives. They have a short shelf life in the fridge and at room temperature as a result, but we think it is absolutely worth it.